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Uber Clone App Script

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3 to 7 Working Days

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Taxi Ride-hailing App

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Android and Ios User Apps Android and Ios Driver Apps Web Admin panel

Uber Clone App Development

ZigTaxi is an Uber clone application that makes it easy for you to take your cab booking business online in 3 days. Built on stacked technology that replicates the functionalities of Uber from end to end, ZigTaxi allows your customers to book cabs in a way they are accustomed to while giving you comprehensive control over the entire dispatch system.

With our package, you can customize the Uber clone script to combine Uber’s convenience with your brand’s identity. We will also ensure the seamless installation of the Android and iOS applications and work on other optimization requirements that you might have.

With ZigTaxi, your customers will get access to an easy-to-use Uber clone app to book and cancel cabs and can choose from options like sharing, renting, or individual rides. On the other hand, your drivers will get an app to be informed about possible rides and choose them at their convenience. You will also be provided with an admin dashboard to manage and monitor your business. The Uber clone app development is efficiently tailor-made to suit your brand both in terms of visual identity and also in fulfilling your specific business needs.

Advanced And On-Demand Uber Clone App Development Solutions

At PyraWorkz, we help businesses launch on-demand Uber clone apps for taxi businesses that enable them to gain a competitive edge in the industry. We have incorporated 100% customizable advanced and relevant features to make it easier for our clients to manage their Uber clone script with GPS integrations, easy payment gateways, and map integrations. Our team diligently designs, develops, and tests to deliver flawless Uber clone app solutions.

Special User Ends

When you choose to buy the Uber clone script ‘ZigTaxi’ from PyraWorkz, you will be entitled to a wide range of user ends to help you make the most out of your online cab booking business.

Customer Application

Driver Application

Admin Console

Dispatcher Console

Corporate Console

Hotel Console

Uber Clone Features

We transform your business to the next level with our innovative and advanced application features integrated into the on-demand Uber clone script, ZigTaxi. We offer tried and tested solutions customized for the requirements of the customers. As a leading on-demand taxi booking solution company, we research and analyze every aspect of our features and integrate only relevant features in the application that guarantees your app’s success. Launch your business with our advanced Uber taxi clone app solutions that are made to fit into the current needs of the industry. We provide solutions that are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Reach out to us for further details!

  • Scheduled Rides

    Easy Login

    The Uber clone app allows users to log in using their email, phone number, and social network credentials.

  • Track Your Driver

    Schedule Rides

    The riders can use this option to schedule a trip for a specific time and day or to arrange an instant trip based on their specific needs.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Ride History

    Users may check the trip history field to learn more about their prior trips including details such as fare, source, destination, etc.,

  • Scheduled Rides

    Book Same Driver

    Riders can request a well-known driver who has already served the customers with their ride services depending on their preferences.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Multiple Payment Methods

    Our Uber clone allows a variety of payment options, such as credit card, COD, wallet, net banking, UPI, and others, making it easy for clients to pay for their trips.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Favorite Location

    The rider may save their favorite locations and any other locations they frequently visit. They can plan the ride instantly without having to search for the place again.

  • Scheduled Rides

    In-app Call

    Users of the Uber clone app can contact the driver through the in-app call feature to ask inquiries about the ride, obtain answers to ride-related questions, and more.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Rate & Review

    The rider can review and rate the services given by the driver and the app. This helps businesses understand more about the factors that influence operations.

  • Scheduled Rides

    App Sign In

    Drivers can easily sign up for the Uber clone application by completing the necessary documentation and information in a few simple steps.

  • Track Your Driver

    Document Verification

    Once the documentation has been approved by the admin, the driver will be added. A license expiry date can also be specified, and the driver will be notified when it's nearby.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Online/Offline Mode

    By toggling between online and offline mode, the driver may indicate their availability to the admin and riders.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Accept/Reject Ride Request

    Ride requests are routed to drivers. They may accept or reject the request based on their availability, convenience, and other criteria.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Optimized Routes

    Ride requests are routed to drivers. With Google maps integration, they can reach the location on time with traffic-free and optimized routes.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Ride Details

    With our Uber clone, drivers can view all of their upcoming rides, prior trips, and fare information in one place.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Track Earnings

    The application creates a detailed earnings report for drivers, allowing them to assess their productivity and profits at work.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Rate Users

    Users can rank other users based on their behavior, payment for rides, communication, and other things using the user review tool.

Admin Console

  • Scheduled Rides

    Intuitive Dashboard

    From a single panel, the admin may get a comprehensive view of all the activities of the Uber clone software for viewing the taxi service operations.

  • Track Your Driver

    Manage Users

    The admin has the authority to review sign-up requests, set commission rates, and update the number of drivers and riders linked to the Uber clone app.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Analytics & Reports

    By easily monitoring the condition of the business using powerful analytics and report generation features in the Uber clone app, the admin can ease his work.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Sub-Admin Creation

    The administrator can delegate ride-hailing sector administrative chores to a sub-admin with limited access.

  • Scheduled Rides

    God’s Eye

    With a group of drivers allocated to a certain place who will only work for a charge there, the admin can ensure service satisfaction in all relative areas.

  • Track Your Driver

    Region-specific Services

    The admins can set boundaries for the places in which their businesses can provide ride-hailing services.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Night-booking Charges

    Customers who use the night riding services may be charged an additional fee by the admin. This will be a significant source of income for the business.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Limit Cash Mode For Drivers

    The amount of cash that drivers can get if they choose the cash option of payment is limited. When the limit is reached, cash mode is turned off, and only card payments are accepted.

Dispatcher Console

Manual Ride Booking

By giving information such as location and rider count, the dispatcher may add manual service requests for users who are not platform registered.

Fare Estimation

The dispatcher can review the estimated fares depending on the distance between the users' pickup and drop-off sites.

Request Management

Using the comprehensive dispatcher panel, the dispatcher may efficiently manage ride request data such as invoice production, trip pickup, and destination locations.

Acquire our best-in-class Uber clone packed with high-end features today!

Corporate Console

Profile Management

Corporates can change their profiles by putting information into the panel such as their business name, website address, contact information, and so on.

Employee Management

The employer has the authority to hire or fire personnel. They can also go through and update their data.

Request Creation

The corporate can quickly request transportation by inputting the total number of people and their locations on the corporate website.

Advanced Filter

They may gain more information on a certain trip or employee by utilizing the various filters available in the user-friendly corporate dashboard.

Hotel Console

Manager Login

Hotel managers can begin using services right away by joining up and logging in using the provided credentials.

Trip Request

Hotel owners can request transportation for their clients or guests by confirming the guest's location and other essential data.

Trip History

The admin of the hotel panel can examine all transportation requests and passenger data, including time and date stamps, by accessing the request history.

Data Filtering

The hotel manager can utilize the hotel console's broad and advanced filter capabilities to monitor and acquire required data.

Uber Clone App Solution For All Scale Business

Make your transportation business, irrespective of its type, a huge success by taking advantage of our exclusively designed and developed readymade Uber clone script.

Universal Business

Our clone app developers hold world-class expertise in Uber clone app development and analyze global market standards to offer you the best Uber clone script with which you can expand your ride-hailing business worldwide.

Fleet Management Business

Our on-demand Uber clone app solution will let you set footprints in the ride-hailing industry with best-in-class features, advanced inclusions, and excellent fleet management services.


To compete against well-doing businesses, we help entrepreneurs to kick-start their taxi-booking startup business with our ready-to-launch, reliable, and robust Uber clone app development services.

Looking for a ready-to-launch app clone?

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What Will You Get?

At Pyraworkz, we offer the following services to our customers to ensure an error-free and smooth-running Uber clone app for the taxi business.

24 months
free updates

36 months
free support

Free brand


100% unencrypted
Source code

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Why Choose Zigtaxi As Your Uber Clone Script?

ZigTaxi offers additional functionalities to your online Uber clone application.

Free 24 Months Updates

Keep your online taxi/cab booking application up-to-date with lifetime updates for free. We ensure long-term success for you by keeping our updates free of cost - this allows us to provide faster and improved Uber clone app development and support services to our clients at a value that the customers would appreciate for the on-demand services that the app is used for.

On-time delivery

Our team of experts can get your business up and running in 72 hours. Once you have given us an idea about what you are looking to incorporate into your online cab booking business, we will work tirelessly to get your Uber clone app ready for download from Play Store and App store as early as 72 hours from the discussion.

Fully Customized Uber Clone

Make your app reflect your style with its free source code. This allows you to truly distinguish your services from a niche or unexplored geography. Once your brand’s tones and feel are decided on, we will ensure that the Uber clone provides a homogeneous experience to your customers.

Technology & Server Requirements

Get to know what we are using!

Algorithm Used in Our Uber Clone App Development ‘X’ Nearest Drivers

The admin can specify "x" people who will get the trip request from the admin panel. This works iteratively while waiting for a specific time for a driver's acceptance and moving on to the next nearest available driver.

Crypto Wallet Integration

Customers can choose to pay with extensive payment options which include crypto payment. Given the widespread popularity of Blockchain and people boasting about crypto assets, we integrate for you crypto wallet payment in the Uber clone script. Here's what all you get to have from the same,

  • No authorization issues
  • Easy wallet transactions
  • Unwrapping impossibilities

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Uber Clone App Development WorkFlow

Our tried and tested workflow has allowed us to collaborate seamlessly with clients and work as an extended team of your company.


Our skilled developers will partner with you and brainstorm to help you get the most out of our service. Just tell us about your business concept, and we will bring it to life and help you shape an optimized end solution for your customers.


With our understanding of your business, we use our expertise to create easy-to-use interfaces for drivers and passengers. While the Uber clone app script facilitates cab bookings, we will optimize it to provide your users with a homogenous experience that reflects your brand’s value.


Our usage of data from various touch points will help us create valuable email marketing campaigns that can maximize your ROI. With the omnichannel brand experience we create for your customers, we can help you take customer loyalty to the next level.

04Success of Business

By constantly working towards giving your customers useful technology updates for your Uber clone app and bundling development with marketing and support, we will go beyond our call of duty to make your venture a successful one.

PyraWorkz by Numbers

Experience is valuable but numbers talk - here is why you can trust ZigTaxi to grow your online ride-hailing business successfully.



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Customer Satisfaction

Uber Popularity

Uber is a taxi company that has a mobile app that allows passengers to request trips and drivers to be paid for their services. The users can request a trip using the Uber app in any city where the service is available. When a nearby driver accepts the request, the app displays an estimated arrival time for the driver traveling to the pickup location.

According to the most recent data, Uber has 93 million monthly active users globally. Uber customers typically go longer or more affordably than they would in a taxi. Living without a car is becoming more feasible, thanks to Uber and the rise of online ride-hailing services.

Associated Stakeholders

Several user ends integrated into the Uber clone contribute to excellent outcomes for taxi booking businesses.

User Android/iOS App

It is the user interface for riders or customers. They can use this end of the Uber clone app to quickly schedule rides, mark favorite destinations, and book taxis.

Driver Android/iOS App

Drivers can earn money by completing driver-end functions like toggling, accepting or rejecting trip requests, and so on through the driver app.

Admin Panel

To maintain track of all user-end details, update them as appropriate, and do additional backend tasks, the admin panel serves as an all-in-one solution.

Dispatcher Panel

The dispatcher can manually book taxis and assign drivers on this interface, and also monitor ride requests and create ride invoices.

Corporate Console

The corporate console assists in organizing employee transportation, planning individualized excursions for each employee, and tracking their whereabouts and contact information.

Hotel Console

The hotel management is in control of the console. They may use the multiple filter options to look for prior rides, book rides for their customers, and see the ride history.

Revenue Streams

For hotels and corporate entities, many panels are accessible, allowing the admin to build a variety of revenue-generating techniques and profit-boosting measures with an easy-to-manage Uber clone solution at their disposal. Here are some of the notable streams we have imparted in our Uber clone script.

Fees and Commissions

App owners can earn commissions for each ride. The market share of Uber, which is about 20%, may be used to forecast this proportion. Demand for vehicle types and others have an impact on this total. So, the driver retains the remaining 80% of the money.

Price Increases

Our Uber clone boosts pricing under specific scenarios. Cabs are in more demand during office hours and at festivals. These algorithms allow your Uber clone to increase fares and profit from the supply-demand imbalance.

Rides of the Highest Quality

Apps like Uber are providing cabs to clients of all income backgrounds. Customers will be charged by the Uber clone app to book an SUV or other such premium rides. They will be willing to pay for these services because premium transit options are limited.

Fees for Cancellation

Although most customers dislike the cancellation fee, it is an additional stream of money for your Uber clone business.

Client Testimonials

Discover how our Uber clone app development services are helping our clients improve their business competence!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ZigTaxi app can be customized to any degree. From features to rebranding, the Uber clone can be modified as per your varying needs.

Yes. Payment gateways of your choice along with in-app payments can be integrated with the Uber clone app for taxi businesses.

The time taken for the ZigTaxi app development depends on various factors including features to be inculcated, approaches to be followed, customization level, resources, etc., To get an estimated time for your project, connect with our expert team.

Your comprehensive admin dashboard will include a range of attributes for reviewing data like route traveled and analyzing all rides, among other things.

Yes, we offer three months of support for organizing and maintaining your taxi app.

We offer a comprehensive fleet management tool that enables you to oversee distinct organizational cabs. You may easily establish a full-service taxi aggregation business by offering thousands of trips in many locations around your region.

Your customer will be able to view the route, price, driver details, and other important details for previous trips.

Your customers may pay with credit or debit cards with the integration of the Stripe Payment Gateway in our Uber clone app.

Yes, your riders may use the "Book later" feature to plan trips for a later time, and drivers will get reminders automatically.

The driver can accept requests based on their availability and can toggle between online and offline modes to indicate the same.

Yes, drivers may use the Uber clone app to track and refer to their daily earnings.

Both riders and drivers can cancel their reservations. However, they must select a valid justification for the cancellation.

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