We develop high-end applications that are designed to replicate the functions of popular cab hailing, food ordering, online dating, home services and online chatting services. We can help you realise the full potential of your on-demand services business with ease.

Ready-to-launch Clone Apps,
tailored to suit your market

We have built apps for various industry verticals modeled after the apps of the market leaders. We have unified user-centric methodologies and data-driven development tactics. With this solid framework, the app is ideally suited for all of your business stakeholders.

We customize these clone applications completely to suit your brand both in terms of visual identity and also in fulfilling your specific business requirement.

Our Products

Zig Taxi

Zig Taxi is an on-demand taxi booking solution that comprises all the latest features and technology integrations that is easy to use for both the admin and the customers. We design and deploy seamless, intuitive and easy to manage cab booking solutions to provide a rich experience for the customers. Launch your ride-hailing business with us and boost your revenue instantly.


UberEats Clone

Create your own on-demand food delivery app using our feature-rich replica of UberEats, UberEats clone. We constructed a pre-built system that includes all the advanced functionalities, allowing you to launch an UberEats-like online food delivery app in a matter of days. PyraWorkz's UberEats clone is a go-to solution for businesses to grow their operations online more effectively and productively.



Godeliver is an online delivery application that comprises relevant features and excellent functionalities of an on-demand delivery solution. Our Godeliver app is a powerful portal for the businesses to manage their orders and deliveries efficiently, and we provide 100% ready-made solutions compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. With the Godeliver application, we transform your delivery business into reality.



Uberdoo is a 100% customizable white-label handyman services solution that enhances and advances your business to the next level. Our ready-made solution can be set up and launched within three days with proper branding and comes with a dedicated admin panel to handle all your business activities efficiently. Choose our handyman services application to kick start your business and generate revenue.



Tindo is an efficiently and diligently designed on-demand dating application comprising the best features and functionalities that helps the businesses to generate profitable revenue. Tindo is our white-label dating app solution that can be customized according to the client’s needs and instantly launched into the market and enables the business to gain good ROI value.


Why Pyraworkz?

Our commitment to delivering end-to-end applications quickly makes our approach unique. At Pyraworkz, we understand business needs and digital applications like no others.

On-Time Delivery

With Pyraworkz, you can rest assured that our team of experts work in tandem with your internal team to understand your requirements quickly and efficiently. This allows our team to get your application up and running in 72 hours. In only three days, your application will be ready-for-download from Play Store and App Store.

Free 24 Months Updates

At Pyraworkz we understand the inconvenience that is posed by constantly having to pay for bug fixes or updates. That is why our client-first approach allows us to give lifetime updates for free. This ensures long-term success for you clients by allowing you to provide valuable services at a reasonable cost for their customers.

Customizable source code

The applications we present to our clients will be shared along with the specific source codes to allow for brand-specific customizations. This ensures that the application reflects the vision you have for it. It also allows your customers to have a homogenous experience across the applications from start to finish.

Work Flow


At Pyraworkz, we pride ourselves on the quality of work that we do. This is largely attributed to the brainstorming session we have with our team and our clients. Once we understand the features and capabilities that are to be included in the application, we have creative meetings on how the said features can be optimized for improved performance and agility. Ultimately, the brainstorming sessions are carried out with the intention of ideating and finalizing on how to deliver the smoothest end experience for the users.


In addition to delivering codes that work exceptionally well, our team also focuses on delivering the final application quickly and ahead of the stipulated time. In most cases, our team is capable of delivering the downloadable application in 72 hours from the time of ideation and brainstorming. Our team will also help you understand the application from end-to-end, explaining its workings and the key structures in place. This will, in turn, allow you to market the final software product more effectively to your customers.


We also share the editable source code for the application we build to allow our clients to add brand-specific elements and features that will make the application feel unique for users to use. While we can aid your team in incorporating the brand guidelines, we will also give you complete backend access to carry out those changes by yourself. This gives you complete control over the entire application and its features, including its security. With the necessary expertise, you can modify the application to the smallest possible detail.


At Pyraworkz, we go beyond just development and customization of the clone applications - we also provide 36 Months of tech support and 24 months of updates to our clients. We thrive to be technology partner with our clients rather and travel in their entrepreneurial journey.

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